Where to buy Dutch ingredients online?

October 9, 2023 Last updated: October 11, 2023
Where to buy Dutch ingredients online?

When translating my Dutch recipes, I soon realized that we have a number of typical ingredients that are not widely available abroad.

Starting with basterdsuiker. This sugar is truly a typical Dutch product, and we have no less than 3 varieties of it. Or how about Bastogne cookies, delicious spiced cookies that you don’t easily see abroad either.

Buy Dutch ingredients online

Fortunately, there are more than enough webshops that ship all kinds of Dutch products to just about anywhere in the world. I found a list of 12 different webshops with a nice assortment of products.

Most of them are located in the Netherlands, but I also found some in America and Canada. I list them for you!

USA based shops

Canada based shops

Shops based in The Netherlands

Dutch basterdsuiker 2

Which Dutch products should you buy?

If you like making Dutch recipes, there are several products you should definitely try. I will start with a list of ingredients that I have in my own home for baking recipes:

  • Van Gilse schenkstroop
  • Van Gilse basterdsuiker (there are 3 different ones: white, light brown and dark brown)
  • Appelstroop
  • Bastogne cookies
  • Droste cocoa
  • Speculaas spice mix (or make it yourself!)

Curious about other Dutch products? Check these out too:

  • Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles, we put them on bread for breakfast)
  • Vlokken (chocolate flakes, also for a slice of bread)
  • Licorice
  • Cheese! Try our Gouda cheese, and even our cheese spread (the brand Eru is the best if you ask me)
  • Beschuit
  • All kinds of cookies and cake if you don’t want to bake them yourself 😉

I could make these lists much longer, but these are the first products that came to mind. I am very curious to know which Dutch ingredients are your favorites!

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