Convert your recipe

Found a delicious recipe you want to make, but in a different size baking pan than stated in the recipe? No problem! Converting a recipe has never been easier.

Here’s how the conversion tool works

Enter the ingredients you want to convert under the heading ‘original recipe’. The second step is the ‘baking pan calculator’, here you have to enter the size of pan of the original recipe at ‘from’ and at ‘to’ the size of pan you are going to use. From round to square or vice versa, it’s no problem. Once you have entered everything we will do the rest for you.

Now all you have to do is weigh the ingredients you need.

Tips for converting your recipe

  • The oven temperature does not change when you convert a recipe. But the baking time does change if you make a recipe in a different baking pan, whether it is a larger or smaller pan.
  • After converting, do you end up with, say, 0.8 egg? Then you weigh your egg in grams. An M egg weighs 50 grams on average, multiply that by 0.8 (= 40 grams of egg).

Recipe converter calculator